Iligtas ang mga kaluluwa

Kung ang lahat ng sangkatauhan ay walang kapangyarihan, sino ang malakas?

Kung ang mga magkakamag-anak ay iniiwasan ang isa't isa, kanino tayo pupunta?

Sino ang Tagapagtanggol? Ang buhay ba ay mahalaga?

Kung ang buhay ay maaaring itigil nang biglaan at madalian, ano ang layunin ng pag-iral?

Bakit ang kaparusahang ito?

Ang lahat ng mga tanong na ito ay sinasagot na sa Quran.

Ang Islam, sa katunayan, ay ang plataporma ng kaalaman at mga katotohanan tungkol sa mga lihim ng buhay na ito.

Mga Artikulo

  • Prophet Muhammad’s (Pbuh) Guidance for the Prevention of Diseases and Epidemics

    Many centuries ago, even before the advent of what today is called ‘Preventive Medicine,’ the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (Pbuh) (may Allah bless him and grant him peace) gave us guidance through his actions and sayings (hadiths).

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  • Coronavirus – An Islamic Perspective

    This epidemic – COVID19- , whatever the cause was , started by Allah's will. If Allah did not allow , it would not occur. Allah said: ( Verily, His command, when He intends a thing, is only that He says to it, "Be!" and it is .)

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  • Wisdom behind Coronavirus

    If all humankind are powerless, who is the strong? If relatives are avoiding one another, to whom should we go? Who is the Protector? Is life valuable? If life can be stopped suddenly and easily, what is the goal of existence? Why this punishment? All these questions are answered in the Quran.

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  • Infection Control in Islam

    How Islam recommends dealing with 21st century illnesses.

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  • Coronavirus - Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) Teachings

    COVID-19 pandemic is forcing governments and news sources to provide the most accurate and helpful advice to the world's population, as the disease is indeed global in reach. Health care professionals are in high demand, and so too are scientists who study the transmission and effect of pandemics.

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  • What Islamic hygienic practices can teach when coronavirus is spreading

    What Islamic hygienic practices can teach when coronavirus is spreading.

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  • Du’a for protection during a pandemic

    supplications in which you find security, protection, and peace with the permission of Allah (the One True God, the Creator) during a pandemic.

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Mga kard

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