Tweets about the Oneness of God

Naji Ibrahim Al-Arfaj Naji Ibrahim Al-Arfaj
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if people knew Allah pretty well, they would obey Him and seek to attain the Good pleasure of Him, but the demons of mankind and the jinn do everything in its power keeping people away from knowing Almighty Allah the creator. The Almighty Allah has introduced Himself to us in His holy books which was revealed to His Messengers and was completed by the Holy Quran, through the Seal of all Messengers of Allah, Muhammed, pbuh).

 with the aim of introducing Islam to the mankind through all available means, We published this book in keeping with the spirit of the age, this book contains 100 tweets introducing Allah the Lord of the heavens and of the earth to Non-Muslims in English language by Dr. Naji al-Arfaj. Osoul center cared about this book in terms of appearance and design in order to be prepared for printing and publishing.