I Learn How To Pray

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Allah ordained upon the Muslim five prayers in the day and night; they are :

1- Fajr (dawn) prayer.

2- Dhuhr (noon) prayer.
   3- ‘Asr (afternoon) prayer.
   4- Maghrib (sunset) prayer
   5- 'Isha’ (night) prayer.

I Prepare Myself for Prayer.
When the time of prayer starts, the Muslim purifies himself from the state of minor impurity, and major impurity if he is in a state of major impurity.

*Major impurity is what requires Ghusl (ritual bath).

*Minor impurity is what requires Wudu’ (ablution).

*The Muslim prays in a clean place free of impurities, wearing clean clothes that conceal his ‘Awra (body parts that must be covered during prayer).

*A Muslim wears proper clothing which covers his body in prayer. A man is not allowed to pray with the area between his navel and knees uncovered.

* The woman must cover her whole body in prayer except for her face and hands.

* While performing Salah, the Muslim only says the words relevant to Salah, he listens to the Imam (the person leading the congregational prayer), and he does not turn left or right in Salah. If he is unable to memorize the words of Salah, he should mention Allah and glorify Him (by saying 'Subhān Allah') until the prayer ends. He is required to hasten to learn Salah and its words.