How to make Ablution

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I learn Wudu’ (Minor Ablution)

Allah Almighty says:{Indeed, Allah loves those who are constantly repentant and loves those who purify themselves.} [Ch. 2, Verse 222]

The Prophet (pbuh) said:“Perform ablution similar to my ablution.”

Because of the immense status of Salah (prayer), Allah prescribed purification before it and made purification a condition for the validity of the prayer. It is the key to prayer (the first step towards performing it). The consciousness of its merit makes the heart long to perform prayer. The Prophet (Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him) said: "Purification is half of Imān… and prayer is light."

He (Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him) also said: "He who performs the Wudu’ perfectly, his sins come out from his body.”

So, a Muslim stands before his Lord in a state of physical purification through ablution and spiritual purification through performing this act of worship sincerely to Allah Almighty and in compliance with the guidance of the Prophet (Allah’s prayers and peace be upon him).

What are the acts of worship for which ablution is obligatory? :

1- The prayer whether mandatory or supererogatory.

2- Circumambulating the Ka‘bah (Tawāf).

3- Touching the Mus-haf (bound copy of the Qur’an).

I perform ablution (Wudu’) and ritual bath (Ghusl) with purifying water.

Purifying water is any water that falls from the sky or springs from the earth and remains in its original state without a change to any of its three characteristics: color, taste, and smell; by one of them the state of purity of water is interrupted.