What is recommended !

What is recommended !​


What is recommended! It is recommended that the 1-Eid prayer is organized at an open space ,preferably outside the town ,but ,it is offered in mosques for one reasons or another , there is no harm it, then all share in the sin 2-It is recommended to start Eid al-Adha prayer and to delay Eid al-Fitr prayer 3-Eat a few dates Before going to offer the Eid al-Fitr prayer , and not to eat anything on Eid al-Adha until the Eid prayer has finished . 4-It is Sunnah also to walk to the place of the prayer ,and to start early soon after finishing the Fajr prayer. 5-It is recommended to take a bath before the prayer ,wear perfume and put on one’s best clothes. 6-The imam is recommended to Give a comprehensive speech outlining the main principles of the islamic faith. 7-It is further recommended to Glorify Alla and declare His oneness many times .Allah says in the verse outlining the duty of fasting in Ramadan :’You’re,however,required to complete the necessary number of days and to extol and glorify Allah for having guided you aright and to tender your thanks ‘ (2:185).Men say the glorifications aloud,while women whisper them. 8-It is further recommended to One’s route ,going the prayer one way and following a different route on the way back. People need to congratulate one another on this occasion,saying to one another : ‘ May Allah accept your and my good actions .’The Prophet’s Companions used to do so , showing pleasure to meet other people.