The Eid Prayer

The Eid Prayer​


The Eid Prayer Muslims have two Eids a year,Eid al-Fitr,when Muslims have finished fasting the month of Ramadan, and Eid al-Adha ,signals the end of the first 10 days of the lunar month, Dhul-Hijjah 1-Ruling: The Eid prayer is a collective duty, which means that when some Muslims offer it ,the rest are not accountable for their omission .If no one offers it ,then all share in the sinRuling 2-Conditions: The most important conditions are that it should be offered in time ,the presence of the required number of people and residence .This means that it is invalid if offered before it falls due, or if attended by less than three people .Moreover,it is not required for a person who is travelling 3-Place: It is recommended to offer the Eid prayer in an open space away from residential buildings. 4-Time: When the Sunnah prayer known as Duha is due , which means it starts when the sun has risen in the sky about one spear’s length. 5-Description and Recitation: The Eid prayers consists of two Rak’ahs, In the first rak’ah the Takbeer ,(Aallah-u Akbar),is repeated seven times ,before one reads anything else , and 5 times in the second rak’ah before al-Fatiha It is also authentically reported that he read surah 50 in the first rak’ah and surah 54 in the second. 6-The Sermon(Khutba) The Khutba in the Eid prayer is given after the prayer .It is not recommended for anyone who misses out on the Eid prayer to offer it after it has finished , it must be offered in congregation.