Reprehensible acts in prayer

Reprehensible acts in prayer​


Reprehensible acts in prayer: 1-Reciting only Al-Fatiha (without reciting other sura) 2-Repeating Surah al-Fatiha In the same Raka’a 3-Turning One’s Face Slightly during prayer 4-Closing one’s eyes during prayer 5-Placing one’s eyes Up to the elbows on the floor during prostration 6- Making many movements during prayers 7-Placing one’s hands over one’s waist on both sides 8-Throwing one’s robe or shirt over one’s shoulders and letting it loose on the sides 9-starting movements before the imam, in congregational prayers 10-Clasping one’s fingers together 11-Folding one’s hair or clothes 12-Praying when food is present or when one has the urge to go to the toilet 13-Raising one’s eyes to the sky