Duties in prayer

Duties in prayer​


Duties in prayer 1-Saying Allahu Akbar in every moment 2-The imam leading the prayer and a person praying alone says : sami a Allahu liman hamidah (`may Allah answer the prayer of the one who praises Him`) When standing up after bowing 3-Then when he was in the upright position he said: Rabbana wa lak alhamd i.e “You’re our lord and our praise is due to You” 4-Every worshipper in the congregation says only Rabbana wa lak alhamd, while al imam says it immediately after sami Allah liman hamidah 5-Saying Subhana Rabbi al’Azeem when bowing which means :Limitless is Allah in His Glory 6-Saying subhana Rabbi al’Aala when prostrating, which means : Glorified be my Lord, the Most High 7-Saying; Rabbi-gh-firli while sitting between the two prostrations ,which means :forgive me , my Lord 8-The first tashahhud except for people in the congregation when the imam forgets this tashahhud and rises for the next rakah . Those in the congregation are exempt from it because because they have an overriding obligation to follow the imam